Tips for Personal Statement

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A graduate school Personal Statement is a document that conveys the motivating factors behind your desire to earn a graduate degree. This is an opportunity for applicants to highlight the perspectives and personal experiences that make you unique. While specific details required will vary based upon program, in all instances the Personal Statement is the admission committee’s attempt to better understand the applicant beyond academic and professional history. Before submitting your Personal Statement please review your desired program’s admission requirements, as some programs provide specific questions for applicants to answer in their Personal Statement.

Things to consider when writing your Personal Statement:

  • It is important to detail your reasons for pursing a master’s degree at your desired school of choice. Why that program? How can that program/university help you achieve your career goals? Avoid general statements, typically there is a personal story behind your decision to apply to graduate school.


  • Display your dedication and understanding of the career field you are interested in. Why are you drawn to this profession and what contributions could you add? Have an opinion of the current landscape of your desired career.


  • Graduate school is typically a collaborative process where students work closely with program faculty. Reviewing program faculty interests and analyzing how your interests align showcase a strong personal connection to the program.


  • Meticulously proofread your document before submitting. Analyze your writing style, grammar, punctuation, format, structure, flow, logical sequence of information, organization of information, etc.