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Degrees Offered
What degrees are offered?
  • Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.)
  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)
  • Master of Science (M.S.)
  • Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.)
Admissions Requirements
What do I need to have prior to applying to graduate school?
A bachelor's degree from an accredited US institution, or the equivalent of a US bachelor's degree from a foreign institution, is required. (You may also need to take the specific tests required by some of the programs - e.g. GRE, GMAT, MAT, etc.) Certain coursework or work experience may be required by specific departments. If you did not graduate from a US high school or a high school in another English-speaking country, you will also need to take the TOEFL. Exceptions to this rule may be made on a case by case basis for students from countries where English is one of several official languages, as well as at the discretion of the program director. Please check the University Bulletin for further details.
What do I need to include in the application packet?
A completed application consists of:
  • Application Form (hard copy or online)
  • Application Fee of $50
  • Two copies of official Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Official Scores for Required Tests
  • Official TOEFL Score, if required
  • Personal Statement
  • Writing Sample, if required by a specific program
  • Confidential, sealed Letters of Recommendation - if required. Please see our Degrees + Requirements page to confirm the number of Letters requested by the program you are applying to.
  • Some programs may have additional requirements for admissions consideration, such as a Resume, Portfolio, Autobiography, or work experience. Please check the University Bulletin for further details.
  • International student applicants, please see our International Students page for additional requirements.
Are there any prerequisites?
Many programs require prerequisites. Please check the University Bulletin regarding specific requirements for individual programs.
Is there a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required for admission?
Yes, the minimum GPA is 3.0. The admissions committee will consider other criteria, such as work experience, test scores, letters of recommendation, etc., to assess students. Please check the University Bulletin for further details.
What are the deadlines for completed applications?
Please see our Degrees + Requirements page to confirm the deadlines for the program you are applying to.
I have an application form. How do I get the Letter of Recommendation form?
We can mail or e-mail you the form. You can also download the Letter of Recommendation Form from our website.
Where do I mail my application?
All application materials should be mailed to:

Graduate Admissions
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Suite 1840
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659
May I send in my personal copy of my transcripts?
No. Two official sealed transcripts supplied by all schools you attended are required and should be included in your application packet or mailed separately by the school.
If I took classes at a community or junior college, do I need to submit those transcripts?
Specific programs may require transcripts from your community or junior college courses. For example, the School of Education requires transcripts from all schools attended. Please check the University Bulletin for further details.
Program Length
How long will it take to complete the Graduate Program?
Program lengths vary. Generally, students complete their programs in 2 to 3 years.
Program Cost + Financial Aid
What is the cost of tuition?
For the 2013-2014 academic year the tuition rate per semester hour is as follows:

Doctorate in Educational Leadership $1309
MBA Program
Systems Engineering Leadership Program
Marital + Family Therapy Program
Film + Television
Science and Engineering
Education $1039
All other Masters programs $1004

For a complete list of additional fees, visit the Student Accounts website or call Student Accounts at 310.338.2711.
What types of financial aid are available?
Scholarships, graduate assistantships, research assistantships and loans are available.
Are international students eligible for financial aid?
Although non US Citizens do not qualify for federal or state financial aid, international students are eligible for LMU Scholarships and Assistantships.
Class Size
What is the minimum TOEFL requirement?
The minimum TOEFL iBT score for all Science and Engineering programs is 79 and 100 for all other graduate programs.
Where should I have my official test scores sent?
You must request that ETS send your scores to LMU Graduate Admissions. The Institution Code for LMU is 4403.
International Applicants
What are the minimum qualifications for an international applicant?
Applicants must have a US bachelor's degree or the international equivalent.
How do I determine if my foreign degree is equivalent to a US bachelor's?
You must have your transcripts evaluated by a U.S. evaluation agency, e.g. Global Services Associates, Educational Credential Evaluators, International Education Research Foundation or World Education Services. Please note, if you are applying to the School of Education, they will not accept transcript evaluations from Global Services Associates. Please contact the School of Education for more information.
If I need an F-1 visa, what must I do?
Along with your application, you need to complete the SEVIS I-20 Request Form and include official documents verifying funds to cover tuition and expenses for the first year of your program. If you are being sponsored by another person, you will need to submit a letter from that individual or institution stating that he or she agrees to sponsor you, as well as financial documents in the sponsor's name to show funding for the first year of the program.
If I am applying for an F-1, when is my application due?
See our International Students webpage Deadlines section.
Is University housing available?
A limited number of shared rooms are available. The University does not provide housing for married students. For more information regarding student housing, please see our Housing section.
Where do I mail my application?
All application materials should be mailed to:

Graduate Admissions
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Suite 1840
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659
Student Services
How do I get an LMU student e-mail account?
Visit the LMU Information Technology website and follow the step-by-step instructions.
What is the Academic Resource Center?
The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a place where LMU students can enlist the help of specialists and tutors to enhance the learning process. Every LMU student is invited to make use of the ARC's free services and workshops. ARC's full-time specialists in the fields of writing, ESL/reading, mathematics, and study skills, as well as its peer tutoring staff, are ready to work with students to encourage those essential study skills which bring greater academic and personal success. For more information please visit the ARC website.
What services do you provide for students with disabilities?
LMU's Disability Support Services (DSS) provides specialized assistance and resources to enable students with physical, perceptual, learning, ADHD and psychiatric disabilities to achieve full access in all aspects of university life. For more information, please visit the DSS website.